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We deal with a professional work agency in industries related to broadly understood medicine. It does not matter if you are looking for an employee for your gym, or if you want to apply for the position of a dietitian at the wellness room – we will help you find an ideal specialist with the right qualifications and an employer for many years.

Looking for an employee? You’ve come to the perfect place! A transparent platform enables finding a candidate for an individual position, adapting their skills to the requirements you set. This allows you to save valuable time, which we often lose on inefficient looking for staff.

Looking for a job? We will help you find a position faster, related to the education and skills you have. This will significantly shorten the time of seeking employment. Let yourself be seen by hundreds of companies, including leaders in the labour market. With us you will create a transparent resume in which you will put your skills, courses and trainings. It will make you more visible to business owners, including gyms, pharmacies, but also private clinics and diet and dental offices. Regardless of what enterprise you want to get to, we will help you with this. We will also advise you on what your CV should look like and show you how to easily find new employment.