Announcement – dietitian

An online store with dietary supplements for bodybuilders and athletes will employ a dietician with extensive experience in arranging individual diets. What we expect from the person applying for this position:

– Knowledge of various diets, including a reduction diet and a mass increasing diet

– Knowledge in strength and aerobic training

– Knowledge of healthy lifestyle and sports nutrition

– Knowledge of dietary supplements, including protein supplements, pre-workout boosters and functional foods

The nutritionist we are looking for must have the ability to select the macro and micronutrients correctly, for an individual client, bearing in mind their physical activity and adipose tissue level. The experience in arranging the diet to the client’s current eating habits as well as their lifestyle and work is also extremely important. An individual approach is required as well as a broad knowledge of food allergies, intolerance as well as the composition, action and dosage of dietary supplements.


We offer a stationary job in (town). We also take into account remote cooperation – based on a contract or FVAT. Applications should sent an email