Announcement – personal trainer

Online store with dietary supplements ( ) offers a permanent job as a personal trainer. Their task will be to arrange individual trainings for our clients, consultancy in the field of supplementation and doses of individual products.

First of all, we require knowledge about strength and aerobic training, including in the field of human anatomy and various pathological conditions, such as spine degeneration. Experience in arranging trainings for people after injuries, as well as those suffering from inflammation of the spine or joints, also experience with women after childbirth and adolescents will be welcome. We also require good knowledge of products, including protein supplements, fat burners, amino acids and functional foods. A significant fact is the smooth contact with people, a positive attitude to the environment, appropriate advice on the choice of training and changes in the general lifestyle.

The trainer’s responsibilities will include – arranging individual workouts, contact with charges, advice on dietary supplements, arranging a plan for taking supplements, answering customer questions.

Our online store is a professional company dealing in the distribution of the highest quality dietary supplements, including supportive training, metabolism-accelerating, and supplementing shortages.

CV, cover letter and additional attachments (e.g. certificates) should be sent to the email address: ….